* touchArcade : " Puppet War: FPS has remained one of my favorite shooters since its release...  If you haven’t given Puppet War: FPS a try yet, it’s definitely one worth checking out. " READ MORE

* Sunday Times App List : " Puppet War is one of the most effortlessly enjoyable first-person shooters in the App Store " READ MORE (needs subscription)

* FindMySoft : " playing the Puppet War FPS will be a thrilling shoot’em up experience " READ MORE



* iFanzine : " Puppet War is a solidly made shooter and one of the slickest and most enjoyable to hit the iPhone yet." READ MORE

* touchArcade : " Puppet War was a fun game to begin with, and this update has gone a long way to making it even better. " READ MORE

* CNET: " Puppet War:FPS offers a deliciously clever twist on the FPS genre" READ MORE

* APPSMILE: " The first puppet shooter to come to the iPhone does not disappoint . " READ MORE



* touchArcade: " it has surprisingly become one of my current favorite games...you'll not only be laughing out loud frequently but you'll really be testing your FPS skills as well. There's actually a really great game under this graphical coating." READ MORE

* 148Apps : " 4/5 stars... a great game and a lot of fun to play. " READ MORE

* Touch Reviews : " There are a few decent FPS games for the iPhone/iPod Touch now but none that I have seen compare to this...it’s great fun to play and puts all those ‘realistic’ first person shooters in the shade." READ MORE

* APPMODO : " If you want a solid FPS that adds a unique idea to the genre and has some killer artwork, look no further than Puppet War:FPS ! ." READ MORE

* Just Another iPhone Blog : " The graphics and animations are some of the best I’ve seen yet from the App Store..." READ MORE

* JAMM : " Wonderfully made, the action is fast paced and zany...What are you waiting for? Go mop up those puppets!" READ MORE

* PhoneBlog : " Puppet War FPS remains a unique and enjoyable game that strikes a perfect balance between humor and murderous rage. " READ MORE

* THEAPPERA : " I genuinely enjoyed this game, and you will too. I wholly recommend this game, for everyone. " READ MORE



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