#1 - A convenient way to play FPS on the iPhone is to hold the device like you would hold a console joystick. Controlling the game with your two thumbs.


#2 - Ninjas turn invisible on higher levels. You can still track them by their shadow.


#3 - Vampires do not get hurt by regular bullets (while in their "human" form). Melee weapons on the other hand can hurt them. Oh, there is one firearm weapon that does burn them...


#4 - If you stand close to a vending machine and hit it in the lobby and parking garage you'll be transported to a secret shooting place...sometimes...Get your sniper ready!


#5 - You can use weapons you unlocked from episode 2 in episode 1 once you reach ep1 : level 30.


#6 - To defeat the Fluffy brothers bosses more easily first focus on killing one of them. Don't forget to perk up.


#7 - Soldiers with helmets on have a really strong head. Aim for the body!


#8 - When using the laser gun hold the fire button longer for a more powerful energy ball.


#9 - If you you bought episode 2 and deleted the game , when you reinstall the game episode 2 will be unlocked for free. Just press buy episode 2 , a pop up will ask you if you want to buy the episode, press yes and it will say that you already bought it and it will unlock.


#10 - If you experience any lags or crashes please turn off all other running apps. A hard reset can also help on older devices.